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With the vision to help women style themselves with ease, confidence and no limitations, colette by colette hayman was born.

With a range that values fashion trends as much as affordability, the brand has become a destination for bags, jewellery and accessories. Providing unmatched levels of style, with over 300 new bags, jewellery and accessories launching every week.

Inspired by catwalks, streetstyle and fashion capitals around the world, colette by colette hayman identifies, interprets and edits upcoming trends.

Inspiring. Easy, confident style. Accessible trends. Luxury experience.

Wild Flowers


We are much more than a brand, we are a community that shares friendship and enthusiasm and we are on the side of life of those who believe that everything is better with a good vibe. Our purpose is to empower your personality so that you are who you want to be and that you can tell the world what you have to say. We want us to be protagonists of change together and we love the idea of ​​being able to build a better future with you.

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